Don’t Believe the Hype!

According to several articles I have read over the years my approach to recruiting does not attract top talent and I have lost the war for talent.  Yeah right.

Throughout my career in recruiting there have been countless articles telling me that if I did not follow what the experts wrote I would not only fail myself but my company as well.  If I started to believe their hype about the “war for talent”, “passive candidates”, or not knowing every detail about my competition, then I would have quit recruiting a long time ago.  I stopped buying into what was stated early on because how did they know what type of roles, marketplace, organization structure, team or other key details about my operation?  They didn’t, so thank you for the advice but my approach has always been this:

  • Provide the best possible customer service I can to my clients by being responsive, follow through on my word, learn the business, and try to be as proactive as possible. 
  • Never, ever, stop searching no matter how tough the skill set or how few candidates there were in the pipeline, and I would not leave any stone unturned. 

These two tenets of my recruiting have been the backbone to my success and therefore I have never experienced a mass shortage of quality candidates, loss any war or failed to hire top talent.  I have been able to find candidates through a variety of channels by being methodical and not relying on a handful of sources.  Yes, there were times in the late 90’s or early 00’s when trying to find an Oracle DBA or Java developer was tough but by never giving up and being aggressive and creative I was able to deliver within a reasonable timeframe. 

I have heard recruiters buy into what the national media or the experts have written about the shortage of candidates and then comment on webinars or at conferences that their challenge is finding quality candidates.  Really?  Where are you looking, or are you not looking and just regurgitating what you have read?  For those of you that may comment that you recruit for a highly specialized skill set, well ok, enough said.  It wouldn’t be highly specialized if there were an abundance of candidates with that skill set.  But remember most organizations have certain roles that are highly specialized and if they do not have the resources or time then those roles will go to search but by me using the above two bullet points I have been able to find those candidates without any previous pipeline and without having to send them to search. 

I still read articles, have close to 30 blogs on the RSS feed and constantly seek information about recruitment tactics, strategies, trends and approaches because I know I can always learn something new.  However, I take this information in, evaluate it against my organization’s set-up and determine if it is valid to help me or my team. What I won’t do is buy into any hype about labor shortages, war for talent, whole generations retiring at once, or that a whole generation will not want to work at my company because over the last 17 years none of that has been my experience.  I hope you do not buy into the hype and by not doing so, believe it or not, you are taking your organization one step forward.

I welcome your thoughts.



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3 responses to “Don’t Believe the Hype!

  1. Chris


    Great post!

    The only thing I think that’s missing is delivering a great candidate experience, too. Maybe you’re considering that part of the first bullet (do you consider candidates clients as well?).



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