A Very Cool Position – Are You Interested?

The purpose of this blog is to try to spark conversations around recruiting topics and hopefully prompt the readers to evaluate their approach and either validate or change their methods to take their companies one step forward [towards improvement].  Today I am taking a slight break from this to announce a position within my company that will directly report to me and be based in Austin, TX.  Now for the (repeat) disclaimer – this blog is my personal blog and the opinions shared are of my own and do not represent my employer. 

That being said, I recently presented a business case to my management about the need for a Recruitment Marketing Specialist within my Region.  It was approved and I am ecstatic because this is a unique role within my company and we will be laying the foundation to bring the company to a new level in attracting, engaging and finding candidates as well as delivering a much improved candidate experience.

The description below was developed by pulling from a variety of job summaries and descriptions that other firms are using and tweaking them to fit what I think are the immediate need and potential long-term projects.  This position will morph over time as will social recruiting.

If you are interested feel free to contact me via Twitter, LinkedIn
or by posting a comment below!

Here is how I am taking my company one step forward.

Recruitment Marketing Specialist

Using your entrepreneurial instincts, business savvy and social intelligence, you will:

  • Create and execute innovative recruitment marketing and advertising plans to help with the employment branding and delivery of consistent messaging to potential candidates and active job seekers
  • Coordinate digital and print marketing, social media and publicity strategies across the Region while partnering with the Corporate office
  • Build effective partnerships within other departments to ensure parallel messaging and sharing of ideas/content occurs
  • Monitor analytical tools to evaluate effectiveness of campaigns and search engine marketing; provide reports; make recommendations to improve results
  • Design and develop materials for the Talent Acquisition team to utilize internally and externally at events ranging from presentations at schools to career fairs and community events
  • Ability to write regular recruitment blogs on the HR and careers pages with knowledge of any/all of WordPress, Typepad, Blogger as blogging software and understanding of how to engage with an audience via Blogs and Vlogs

Critical to your success is demonstrated expertise in marketing coordination or public relations efforts, and social media/networking relationship building.  Our ideal candidates must also have:

  • Minimum 2 years’ marketing experience including running and analyzing recruitment or similar consumer attraction campaigns
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • In-depth understanding of Web 2.0 and proficiency with social media (i.e. Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook)
  • Proficiency with MS-Office Suite, basic Web coding and design skills (Photoshop, Illustrator and/or InDesign)
  • Superior verbal/written communication, multitasking, prioritizing and problem-solving skills


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3 responses to “A Very Cool Position – Are You Interested?

  1. A great role for someone, indeed, and hope you will be at SourceCon next month (http://www.sourcecon.com/2010). Many of the kinds of folks you want will be there!

  2. Hi, Mark. Very interesting and innovative position. I believe I have the marketing and social media know-how but I’m wondering if HR experience will play a bigger roll in this position than anticipated.

    I’d love to discuss the position further. You can find out some more about me at these links…


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