A Letter to My Team

Below is a letter I am mailing out to my team accompanied by a card with Recruiter tips and Recruiting Coordinator priorities – “The Recruiter 10 & RC 5”.  I was unable to capture the card’s format below but the points are here for you and hopefully these prompts will assist other recruiters in moving their company forward.

Team Member’s name,

Over the last two years I have dropped several tips or tricks during staff meeting calls, one on one meetings and the Recruitment Events.  It dawned on me recently that maybe a “Recruiting Tip Sheet” might help because of all the process changes, miniscule details our process requires (thanks FCC) and finally to have some of the common tips in writing for easy reference.  After trying a couple of different drafts I realized that lecture notes or commandments were not going to work or were necessary.  We have a great team with very sharp recruiters doing an excellent job.  I decided to use questions as prompts.

Professionals at all levels in sports, entertainment, or music have coaches but in the business world managers rarely realize that they are the coaches.  Think about someone like Phil Mickelson, Peyton Manning, Yo-Yo Ma, Brad Pitt or Julia Roberts.  All have coaches helping them to improve and be the best in their craft.  At their levels the coaches are not working on teaching them the basics but to recognize the small details that can greatly improve their performance.  That is my goal with “The Recruiter 10” – to help you think of the details that might have led to a frustrating experience, or when you get stuck and wonder where the breakdown occurred with a client/candidate.

The Recruiting Coordinators are the backbone to keeping our process in line and sometimes their days can get beyond crazy.  I have never put in writing “The RC 5” and felt what a great opportunity to do so.  This allows everyone to see what the priorities are for keeping the day as sane as possible.

Thank you for the work you have done and let’s keep moving the Region forward.


The Recruiter 10

 1. The SLA – Did I share the SLA with the hiring manager during the kick-off meeting?

2. Verify Source – Have I verified the candidate source at pre-screen or offer stage?

3. Connecting – Did I use all available channels to contact the candidate (phone, email, text, LinkedIn profile)?

4. Updates – Have I moved the candidate to the next status and “clean as I go”? Did I document the notes from my phone screen & enter them into the notes section of the talent record?

5. Candidate Prep – Did I review the background/drug check, start date & schedule (training attendance policy/planned time off) with the candidate? Did I confirm the candidate’s email address?

6. Structure – Is my day structured in a way that allows me at least one hour to visit a client area, talk to them by phone or speak to recent new hires?

7. Prioritize – Are my reqs prioritized to reflect the needs of the business? Do I need help with any of my reqs?

8. Internal Management – Did I confirm eligibility status with the appropriate ER rep & did I receive the email acknowledgement prior to their in-person interview?  

9. Client Management – Are my hiring clients aware of the work I have done for them?  Did I send my clients an activity update this week? Have I responded to all voicemails and emails from my clients?

10. Candidate Management – Did I or the RC send an email or contact those candidates not selected?  

Are We Delivering Excellent Customer  Service To Our Hiring Clients & Candidates?

The Recruiting Coordinator 5

1. RFO’s  – We are close to completing the process, this is why we are here; top priority over everything else & done immediately upon request.

2. Requisitions  – Create & route the same day a request comes in to help start the process as soon as possible.

3. Interview/Testing  – Time kills all deals & if we delay we may lose a candidate. These should be scheduled within 24 hours of receiving the request & because it is the most complex part of the process, block time each day to focus on scheduling.

4. Chasing Forms (RFO/ISF/Reqs)  – Check the status of pending forms throughout the day & directly contact the managers that have not completed the forms to push the process to completion.

5. Everything Else  – The first four take priority over all other activities.  It is recommended to allow 30 minutes at the end of each day to tie up loose ends & set your to-do list for the next day.

These five priorities will help in keeping the day sane and from key items slipping through any cracks.

Are We Working As Efficiently & Effectively As Possible?

(SLA = Service Level Agreement; ER = Employee Relations or Human Resources Generalist; RFO = Request For Offer; ISF = Interview Summary Form; RC = Recruiting Coordinator)


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