Can Sourcing Be Automated?

Recently I delivered a webinar for the Human Capital Institute called “Is Your Sourcing Stuck In Manual?” It was an interesting webinar for me to develop because when I was contacted by Amy Lewis from HCI we had mostly talked about process improvement within a corporate recruitment environment. Amy came back after our initial discussion and suggested the theme of how process improvement could impact the sourcing function. I agreed that it does have a significant impact on the recruiter’s ability to effectively source. The title suggests that the sourcing function could be automated and it can be to a certain degree but it will always require a human element to evaluate fit.

The key points I discussed centered on the need for:

*a documented sourcing strategy that is approached methodically
*sharing the strategy with the hiring clients to build partnerships and potentially uncover new sources
*a streamlined process that is constantly reviewed and a drive to reduce inefficiencies
*the review of the recruiter’s structure for the day and time management approach to their requisitions
*research on a regular basis new tools that can increase efficiency or replace outdated tools

I realize that this is not new or groundbreaking information. By focusing on the five points and eliminating as much wasteful time, policies, or process roadblocks the corporate recruiter should then have ample amount of time to source for talent. Once they have the time then how they use it effectively is the next step.

If you are a leader, in my opinion, then a goal should be to help remove these barriers. If you are a front-line recruiter, take the initiative and ensure your approach to the day, reqs and sourcing is the most effective and efficient it can be for you and your organization.

A recruiter today has access to many tools that help search their company database and the broader internet. The tools can automate the sourcing function to a certain degree by helping cut through the thousands of profiles available. However, the recruiter still needs to know how to create an effective search string and have a strong sense of curiosity to keep digging and not just accept the first returns.

I greatly enjoyed delivering my first webinar outside of an employer and I hope the savvy attendees were able pick up a couple of take-a-ways that will help move their companies forward.


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  1. Mark would love the opportunity to chat with you, I know you are new at Comcast and I know some of your direct reports. Email me when you have 10 minutes to chat on the phone, Thanks Michael

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