Corporate Recruiters Can Effectively Source

“Corporate recruiters do not know how to effectively source like third party recruiters.” How many times have corporate recruiters heard this from the third party recruiters? Sure some TPR’s will say that they used to be in-house recruiters before making the switch to the agency side of the business, therefore they can claim to know and can speak on everyone’s behalf.

I agree, to a certain extent, that due to large requisition loads, broken processes, meetings upon meetings, and involvement in personal development projects that corporate recruiters are at a disadvantage. (Side note – as a leader I have done as much as I can to eliminate or minimize these issues for my teams). However, even with these obstacles corporate recruiters can still effectively source no matter the size of the organization and the lack of a dedicated sourcing function.

In previous postings I have stated that time management or the structure of the recruiter’s day are key to ensuring a successful search. Another ingredient is a methodical sourcing strategy. After the kick-off meeting I would have a plan either in my head or in my notes on the sources I would go to first. Then I would work through them at the specific times I had set aside each day for sourcing activities. This allowed me to use my precious time efficiently resulting in the identification of quality candidates.

My plan was usually – company database first, job board databases, referrals, job board posting(s), broader internet searches, and then, depending on the positions, other sources could be career fairs, school visits, alternative advertising, target competitor companies or more recently social network sites.

By being methodical in my approach to sourcing I could act more like a TPR in seeking out talent for the more difficult searches and moving my company forward.

I welcome your thoughts.


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