No One Is Going To Read This

It never fails, December is one of the busiest months for me and has been throughout my career. Since my first job in recruiting I have heard it every year from hiring managers, clients, candidates and co-workers. No one hires in December, candidates stop looking, and December is the slowest month of the year.

To those claims I say BAH HUMBUG!!

My first year in recruiting was spent working for an agency placing mostly contract labor with some direct hire placements. Back then we called them perm placements but over the years we have had to drop the word “perm or permanent” because someone might sue us for not really permanently employing them. I digress. I was told that first year to not expect any placements in December and yet I finished out the month with double digit placements and one direct hire. My own personal Christmas bonus! The same was said the second year and yep double digit placements again. But it wasn’t just me, everyone in our office had a solid month.

When I became a Corporate recruiter I was told that no one will hire in December. Yeah right. Then why was I working like the young Ebenezer Scrooge (you know, when he was a happy guy, working hard because he loved it and still had a soul) in the office while everyone else was kicking off for the holiday, doing their on-line shopping or spending the day socializing and trading cookies/gifts?

I know why, because even though the business may slow down during December recruiting never stops. It could be that these managers need to fill the open job of 200 days before 12/31 or lose it in their budget, or that they need to have someone start right after the first of the year when the budget opens up and they can start work on their projects. It is also because people resigned in order to start their new year off with a new employer and now the manager is in a bind and needs someone asap. I could go on but you all know and have heard the reasons.

Every year as the holiday approaches I fall for it, I start believing what is being repeated over and over, and begin to think that maybe I too can do some holiday shopping on-line, or socialize a day away but it never comes.

When I pulled into the parking garage this morning and saw it practically empty I figured maybe this year will be different. Nope – I have taken 15 minutes to write and post this blog that no one will read because you are not in the office or you are like me and my team, slammed with reqs to fill, interviews to schedule, offers to extend all the while stressing if you can get to a certain store to buy that last minute gift.

I will agree that there is one week when those claims do come true and that is the week between Christmas and New Years. That’s when I witness peace on earth.

Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year!

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