The Comeback – Two Year Hiatus is Over

Stretching  STREEEETTCHHH – creak, pop, shake, shake, shake – ok let’s get started.

I have been meaning to re-start my blog writing for a while now and similar to those that take some time off from working out the excuses are easy. Not enough time today I will do it tomorrow – I’m just not in the mood to exert any more energy – Work is getting in the way – I’m not really sure where to begin….

All valid in our minds at the time but we all know what it really is – stall tactic. So, today I decided that’s it – shake off the excuses and get writing. I hope to be able to post at least once a month and have content that will be considered valuable to readers. If not, I count on your feedback directly on the site or through the social channels to improve and provide relevent content.

My last post was about two years ago during another unwanted job search. I did some writing for a now closed job board during that time and plan on using some of those posts on this site. I hope to not have another gap like that again and if I hit writer’s block or no movtivation during a month my plan is to post whatever is on my mind recruiting or non-recruiting related.

I spent the last two years getting my head straight after experiencing a second lay-off within two years. Talk about shaking your inner foundation and ego. I am thankful for all those that kept me going during that time. I focused on my family, new job, external activities (volunteering, youth coaching) and lurking on the sites to keep in touch with the trends in recruiting.

The result – I am ready to share again, ready to put myself out there, ready to engage with the thought leaders within recruiting to discuss, argue, challenge, entertain and ready to learn, grow and hopefully help others.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to the conversation.


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